Spectacular Design and Multi Colour Options

‘Spectrum’ collection is a combination of functionality, aesthetic quantities and interesting designing solutions. A wide range and modular composition allow the effective use of the office space and arrange working places in accordance with the employees’ needs. An unusual shape of desks with an attractive cross-section and a huge variety of possible combinations of the items make this collection a wonderful choice for the modern office

The main colors of the collection
x Maple

Product range of collection «Spectrum»
Ergonomic table
SKU: SP034-2/1/99
Dimensions (cm): 160x120x75
Color: Maple
SKU: UNFO0006-1/7/99
Dimensions (cm): 29x54x20
Color: Maple
Reception desk
SKU: UNFO0010-1/8/99
Dimensions (cm): 150x80.7x114
Color: Maple
Reception desk
SKU: UNFO0009-1/8/99
Dimensions (cm): 160x70x114
Color: Maple
Reception desk
SKU: UNFO0008-1/8/99
Dimensions (cm): 120x70x114
Color: Maple
Reception desk
SKU: UNFO0007-1/8/99
Dimensions (cm): 80x70x114
Color: Maple
Reception desk
SKU: UNFO0011-1/8/99
Dimensions (cm): 90x90x114
Color: Maple
Side panels of a reception desk
SKU: UNFO0005-1/10/99
Dimensions (cm): 57.9x1.8x114.5
Color: Maple


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