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Furniture For Office Staff

  • Technoforward

    New Technologies and Stylish Design

    ‘Technoforward’, the collection of furniture for day-to-day operations, is manufactured with the application of the ‘postforming’ technology which gives the items a streamline and smart look, as well as elegance.

    A wide choice of colours will enliven any office, creating the atmosphere of comfort and creativity. The furniture in this collection is made of MDF, faced with PVC and LCB with ‘pebble leather’ embossing of the surface.

    Colour foresides of cupboards and drawer pedestals make the office atmosphere more animated.

    The Technoforward collection with adjustable compass-shaped supports is especially popular with the customers.

  • System M

    Ergonomic Shapes and Functionality

    The ‘System M’ collection combines maximal comfort, high quality and excellent ergonomic and functional properties. This stylish and modern furniture is made of laminated chipboard with ‘pebble leather’ effect embossing of the surface.

    The service life of ‘System M’ series furniture considerably exceeds the guarantee period thanks to high quality of the used materials and a fully automated manufacturing technology.

    The ‘System M’ collection is very popular. You can see the furniture from this collection in thousands of showrooms across Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

    The specific feature of the collection is a large variety of used colours and their combinations

  • Style M

    Elegance and Comfort in Perfect Lines

    The ‘Style M’ collection combines regular lines of wide vertical frames in glass frontages of the cupboards with the flow of lines of T-shaped bowed edging bands and rectangular elements’ edges made with the use of ‘Softforming’ technology. The furniture in this collection is made of LCB with ‘pebble leather’ effect embossing of the surface.

    The specific feature of this collection is a T-shaped PVC edging band, which makes the desk tops look aesthetically pleasing and increases the durability of the desk edges.

  • Tandem

    True Comfort and Functionality

    The furniture for the staff from the ‘Tandem’, ‘Tandem-M’, ‘Tandem-A’ collections allows customers to build modern working stations by ensuring that the working space is properly organized and all necessary items are at arm’s length. The basis of the series is made up of modules with rectangular desk tops united by a frame with or without additional partition screens. The distinctive feature of this collection is a possibility to organise paired working places for the staff in one row (an ‘endless’ desk).

  • Status

    Aesthetics and Dynamics

    ‘Status’ collection is executed in a fashionable minimalistic style. The well-thought-out possibilities for variations with this model range and a wide choice of colours allow us to create a unique office for each client. This series has been worked out with consideration of requirements in the modern world for ergonomics and functionality of the office furniture.

  • Spectrum

    Spectacular Design and Multi Colour Options

    ‘Spectrum’ collection is a combination of functionality, aesthetic quantities and interesting designing solutions. A wide range and modular composition allow the effective use of the office space and arrange working places in accordance with the employees’ needs. An unusual shape of desks with an attractive cross-section and a huge variety of possible combinations of the items make this collection a wonderful choice for the modern office

  • Dialogue Econom

    DIALOGUE ECONOM — is a furniture collection for the office staff for the most reasonable and attractive price. This is an ergonomic and functional collection of budget class furniture, based on a furniture collection for the office staff «DIALOGUE».

    The product range of the collection is optimal and gives an opportunity to organize a working place of any design.

    Rectangular and ergonomic working tables, mobile and side pedestals are represented in the collection. The fronts of the tabletops are covered with PVC 0.45 mm thick.

    The «DIALOGUE ECONOM» furniture collection is made of laminated chipboard in «Alder» color.

  • Tandem A

    The collection TANDEM A is the economical and functional solution that let you arrange all rooms in one style. In the collection TANDEM A free-standing worktables for the office staff are presented in several sizes – length 120, 140 & 160 cm. The depth of all tables is 79 cm. All models can be completed with side and mobile pedestals, as well as with cabinets and bookcases of the TANDEM collection.

    Also in the TANDEM A furniture collection tables for executives are presented with the sizes – 180 & 200 cm.

    All the tables in this collection have metal legs with square cross-sections of metallic color.

  • Dialogue

    DIALOGUE furniture serie is the best choice of high quality and economic furniture for the modern office. The models of the collection enable to arrange work places of big spaces and small offices rationally and effectively. Due to strict lines of furniture details and optimum color solutions the furniture of the DIALOGUE serie looks stylish and spectacularly. The serie is produced of LCB with shagreen pattern.

  • Tandem T

    Furniture serie TANDEM T lets create open space offices. Clear shapes, straight lines, accessories in the same color that is for the metal carcass highlight the stylish design and usability of the furniture in combination with the laconism. All the elements are produced from natural ecologically friendly materials.

    TANDEM T furniture collection is designed in a single style and in colors similar to TANDEM furniture serie, so all the models may be combined with side and mobile pedestas as well as with cabinets and bookcases of TANDEM. Professional engineering solutions contribute in reduction of the end price of office furniture.

  • Expert

    EXPERT furniture collection is functional ergonomic furniture for a modern business person that creates image of a successful and pleasant office that is comfortable to work in. A model range includes modular elements that lets create workplaces of any shape and everywhere during its use. Design, ergonomics and functionality are the main advantages of the EXPERT furniture collection.

  • Transformer

    TRANSFORMER furniture collections is a modern solution for a comfortable work atmosphere. TRANSFORMER tables are for those who have to spends most of their time sitting. The ability to adjust height helps vary the body position using the idea of "sit and stand". It helps create optimum working conditions and even body burden. The desktop is produced of eco-friendly hard panel 25 mm, PVC edge 2 mm. The collection includes mechanical and electrical adjustable legs.

    Mechanical adjustment - up to 60 kg, height 750-1200 mm. Silver color.
    Electrical adjustment - up to 70 kg, height 630-1200 mm. One engine. Silver color.
    Electrical adjustment - up to 100 kg, height 675-1175 mm. Two engines. Silver color.

  • Logistics

    A new office furniture collection LOGISTICS is produced of high quiality materials. The main feature of the collection is a wide range that lets create functional intertios of different combinations: from a small office to a big call-centre. Modern materials, low prices and perfect design will be warmly accepted by your colleagues and will make a work process comfortable. LOGISTICS furniture is a logical solution.

Furniture For Executives

  • Diplomat

    Spectacular, Dynamic and Respectable

    Spectacular and dynamic, functional and respectable are the attributes which can be used when describing a manager’s office ‘Diplomat’. Natural materials and the latest fashion trends in the furniture design help this collection to create an atmosphere of reliability and respectability. It also emphasizes its owner’s impeccable taste. The specific feature of this collection is its contrasting decor: a combination (upon customer’s wish) of veneer of rare species of wood: wenge and bleached oak.

  • Attache-M

    Stylish Design and Functionality

    Drawing a customer’s attention by the elegance and austerity, the ‘Attache-M’ furniture will be of special interest for those managers who spend long hours at work. The wide corner desk top can easily accommodate electronic equipment and piles of documents, at the same time leaving enough space for undisturbed consideration of the business matters. One of the main advantages of Attache-M is a unique combination of the European style, high quality and a fair price.

  • System MR

    Austere Design and Clear Lines

    The ‘System MR’ collection is ideal for arrangement of not only offices but also other rooms in the premises, for which a preferred choice is practical and inexpensive furniture. A wide range of colours and a possibility to combine with the ‘System M’ range items allows customers to infuse each interior with individuality while keeping a uniform style.

    The ‘System MR’ collection is fully compatible with the ‘System M’ collection what gives a possibility to arrange an office in a uniform style.

  • Director

    Functional and Highly Presentable

    A well-thought-out ‘Director’ series gives a possibility for a practical and comfortable organization of the working space. Austere and laconic design of this collection creates a business-like and free undisturbed atmosphere. The furniture in this collection is made of LCB.

    Large working area is created by putting right- and left-sided add-on desks at an angle to the main desk.

  • Leader

    LEADER collection provides maximum functionality and comfort. This collection is perfect for the office of a modern manager.

    This collection has especially high quality of decoration, pragmatism and presentation.

    The collection is made of laminated chipboard with a shagreen leather type surface.

  • Senator

    Maximum Light and Spaciousness

    The ‘Senator’ is the dream of a modern manager about stylish and functional furniture that has come true. It comprises all most popular design concepts which give a possibility to use the office space efficiently and organize a comfortable working place. The trendiness of this collection is emphasized by the acrylic 3-D effect banding which encases desk tops. The furniture is made of LCB.

  • Premier

    Classics of Clear Lines and Comfort

    The ‘Premier’ collection is characterized by the combination of classic and modern shapes. The specific feature of this collection is a use of the set-in shaped PVC profile on horizontal surfaces, side panels and desk supports. The diversity and versatility of the range items will help to create a practical and comfortable interior in the office. The collection is made of LCB.

  • President

    Harmony of Efficiency, Ergonomics and Aesthetics

    The collection of furniture for the management, ‘President’, is an embodiment of efficiency and aesthetics. Flowing, smooth shapes of desk tops, the elegance of which is highlighted by manufacturing with the use of ‘Postforming’ technology, is one of the specific features of this collection, which corresponds to all the trends in the furniture design and requirements for ergonomics. The furniture is made of MDF, faced with PVC banding and LCB.

  • Maestro

    Elegance and Functionality

    ‘Maestro’ is a furniture collection which you can describe as a refinement of thought and perfection of execution. When creating this collection we applied the latest technology of finishing of the edges, i.e. shaped milling. This enabled us to give it smooth rounded shapes which ensure comfort at a working place. The furniture is made of MDF, LCB with ‘pebble leather’ effect embossing of the surface.

  • Marseilles

    Highly Presentable and Durable

    All those who like a never ageing classical style with its exquisite and at the same time austere design, will love the ‘Marseilles’ collection. The furniture is made of laminated MDF and LCB and decorated with an ornamental pattern. The model range includes everything necessary to create a comfortable work environment in an office or at home.

  • President-Crystal

    Elegance of Glass for the Exclusive Design

    The ‘President-Crystal’ collection draws the attention by the spectacular combination of glass and metal. Being made of modern materials with the use of the latest advanced technologies (MDF, processed according to the ‘Postforming’ technology, and the frosted polished glass of premium class), this collection is characterized by the elegance of shapes and the trendy ergonomic design. This furniture will embellish any office, will make any business interior look stylish and elegant.

  • Maestro Premium

    Substantiality and Solidity

    This collection of furniture for a manager, ‘Maestro Premium’ is based on the ‘Maestro’ series. Rare wood veneer finishing gives a respectable and presentable look to this furniture. Organic combination of veneer with aluminium and frosted glass elements meet the requirements of a modern office interior for a successful manager. The intense colour of the furniture (‘California’ mahagon) will make the room bright and cosy.

  • Favourite

    Elegance and Individuality

    This original collection of furniture for the management is one of the most interesting and most laconic solutions at the same time. The ‘Favourite’, made of MDF in a popular ‘Ferrare Oak’ colour, will be the right choice for Your office. The desk tops and briefing add-on desks decorated with the rounded inserts made of solid beech and faced with embossed leather, as well as rounded corners of all elements of the furniture will give the collection a look of inimitable sophistication.

  • Consul

    Impeccable Style and Absolute Comfort

    The stylish design and well-thought out harmony of shapes in the ‘Consul’ collection create an atmosphere of respectability. The unusual curves of the desk top ends, top boards and side panels give the collection a sophisticated look. Flowing curved lines emphasize the elegance of the furniture. This series is made of veneer MDF and chipboard.

  • Diplomat-Crystal

    Maximum Light and Spaciousness

    Diplomat-Crystal is a spectacular and stylish collection of furniture for a manager. Frosted polished glass, bright rare wood veneer and aluminium shapes are used as décor for this set. The latest technologies are used to manufacture this furniture. The design of this collection corresponds to all topical trends in modern office interiors.

  • Versal

    The VERSAL furniture collection is for those who value comfort and maintain a professional image.

    Fine shapes of the collection create an image that is not affected by changes in fashion trends and can always be highly estimated. The furniture suits any interior and presents the room well.

    The main elements of the collection are produced of beechwood and decorated with veneered sheet and leather. Bronze metallic fittings make the collection especially attractive.

  • Minister

    A modern office for an executive requires much in terms of functionality and storage. Interesting design, beauty of materials and color combinations, advantageous combination of price and quality are the main features of the MINISTER furniture collection.

    MINISTER furniture collection will be chosen by those who care of their image and draw attention to their position as well as highly appreciate comfort of work place. Elegant, laconic, stylish and functional. These qualities are its advantages.

    We suggest two options of color solution: light cappuccino and white; wolfram gray and white. The best choice for an executive will be a table with an in-built service pedestal. There are different types of work tables and pedestals in the collection. Free standing tables with a pedestal will be perfect for administrative employees. Modern office is hardly possible without cabinets. There are different types of cabinets in a model range: high bookcase. high bookcase divided in three sections, a wardrobe for clothes.

    Working sufraces are produced of polished MDF covered by PVS film, postforming. Push-to-open system for drawers.

Furniture for Reception Offices

  • Dialogue DIALOGUE reception desks collection is a perfect choice of modern office furniture for reasonable price and of high quality. The details of this collection let you arrange your working place rationally and effectively not only for big rooms but also for small offices. Strict lines of the furniture details and the optimum color solutions let the collection look stylish and eye-catching. The DIALOGUE furniture collections is made of laminated chipboards with a shagreen type surface.
  • Image IMAGE furniture collection is created for the professional arrangement of the reception office. The collection is a mix of separate elements of the reception desks combining which you may compose straight constructions of any length as well as curved and wavy models. Tabletops of all IMAGE elements are made of high quality laminated chipboard. The partitions are made of MDF and the partitions for curved elements are produced of density fiberboard with a PVC foil. Shelves made of matted glass with round edges and facets on the perimeter of the construction lend lightness and representativeness to the collection.
  • Status The office staff collection STATUS in a minimalistic style is a unique product of Russian designers. Each element may be produced with different supports, surface materials and additional details. Wide color range is composed with regard to the latest modern trends. The collection is made to meet ergonomic, functional and constructive requirements of the modern world of the office furniture. All elements are produced of high quality environment-friendly materials.
  • Style M Elegant comfort of lines The selling point of the STYLE M collection is a combination of strictness and smoothness of the lines. Wide vertical frames in glass facades of the cabinets stress the simplicity and the nobleness of shapes. A T-shaped edge and the use of the soft-forming technology lend softness and smoothness to the collection.
  • Tandem The collection is based on the modules with straight tabletops united by a single carcass with or without extra partitions. The selling point of the collection is an opportunity to create double working places or endless working table. Wide range of colors – solid or combined – will help to arrange the working place for you in compliance with your preferences.
  • Technoforward The collection is made using the modern post-forming technology that lend smoothness, elegance and fineness to the elements. Modular principal, wide model range and plenty of accessories let you arrange working places of any style. Rich color range will enliven the business atmosphere adding the comfort and creativity. The collection is made of MDF and laminated chipboard with a shagreen-type surface.

Hotel Furniture

  • Agatha

    The hotel, equipped with the laconic and elegant furniture from the ‘Agatha’ collection will make a good impression on its visitors. The design which looks maximally simple at first sight and ergonomic shapes of the items will ensure a comfortable rest in the cosy atmosphere.

    The ‘Agatha’ furniture is made of high endurance laminated chipboard, which can be of various thicknesses (38, 25 and 18 mm). The ends of the furniture are faced with the shock-proof PVC film, 2 mm thick. The furniture is manufactured by applying the latest technologies. The tops of the tables, pedestals and cupboards are made of high endurance LCB, 38 mm thick, what gives the collection a luxurious look. The beds are represented by two types: a set-in metal frame with the LCB binding and a framed matrass on its own supports with a detached bed head which should be mounted on to the wall. By moving the matrasses together it is easy to convert a twin room into a double room.

  • Diana

    The ‘DIANA’ collection is worked out according to the motto ‘nothing irrelevant – all is essential’ and designed for economy class hotels, hostels and rooms in holiday centres for students and children. The model range of the series offers arrangement of the rooms with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and the colour solution creates a free undisturbed and cosy atmosphere. The collection includes beds of two types: a design with the set-in metal frame with the LCB binding and a framed matrass on its own supports with a detached bed head which should be mounted on to the wall.

  • Diana plus

    The attractive and modern look of the modest size rooms in hotels, hostels and holiday centres can be achieved with the help of the model range from the ‘DIANA PLUS’ collection which ensures everything necessary for a comfortable stay of the guests. The distinctive feature of this series is furniture framing with the horizontal aluminium profile. The collection is made of high endurance laminated chipboard (18 and 25 mm thick) with the use of the shock-proof PVC film and aluminium colour fittings. This furniture is manufactured with the application of the latest modern technologies.

  • Florence

    The classical style of the ‘FLORENCE’ collection is elegance and respectability, clear lines and sophistication, practicality of designs and architectural accuracy of shapes. The wide model range will enable you to create a functional and uniform arrangement for a bedroom, a lounge or a study of hotel suites.

    All elements are made of high quality laminated and ecologically safe chipboard, resilient to mechanical, heating and chemical damage. The furniture is designed and manufactured in a uniform architectural and artistic style with the application of the same-type design and technological solutions.

  • Gloria

    Being a reference model of respectability and comfort, the ‘GLORIA’ collection will embellish any room or suite. The furniture is faced with rare wood veneer and is made with the use of the latest advanced manufacturing technologies. The reserved elegance of the fittings is emphasized with the aluminium profile which gives a chic look to it. The profile frames the top and bottom ends of the foresides.

  • Marseille

    The ‘Marseille’ hotel furniture will be appreciated by those who hold family values in esteem and who like classical style with its exquisitely austere design. This collection seems to be created to prove again that the real classics are timeless and cannot be out of fashion. The furniture is decorated with carving, the decorative elements and frontages are coated with patina and laquer of bronze tint. An special decoration of the collection is its fittings: the shape and pattern of handles ideally correspond to the furniture design.

  • Silvia

    Modern design and elegant colour scheme of the ‘SILVIA’ collection will make it possible to furnish any hotel room. Exquisite accessories help the interior surprise customers with ingenuity and innovation. The most demanding buyers will be satisfied with the optimal value for money ratio. The collection is made of high endurance LCB of various thicknesses (18, 25 and 41 mm) with the coating which is resilient to mechanical, heating and chemical damage. The chipboard ends are faced with the shock-proof cut-in shaped PVC profile, 15 mm thick, with an unusual pattern. The ends are also faced with PVC edge bands of two types: 0.5 mm thick and a mushroom shape, 5 mm thick. The beds are supplied with the high-quality mattresses, made in Russia or abroad. The bed head can be mounted on to the wall and serve as a rear wall to bed side tables.

  • Silvia Lux

    Being elegant and comfortable, combining ergonomics and functionality, the ‘SILVIA LUX’ collection attracts customers with its design and impeccable finish. The furniture is made of modern materials with the application of state-of-the-art technologies. A wide model range enables customers to furnish the rooms of various layouts and size, and well-chosen accessories will help the guests feel at home and cosy. The range of this collection includes single and double frame mattresses. The beds with the set-in metal frame are supplied with the orthopaedic mattresses, made in Russia or abroad. The furniture is manufactured of high quality LCB, 18 and 25 mm thick and high endurance MDF, 25 and 38 mm thick (made in Germany). The ends are faced with the melamine film on the arched profile (‘softforming’ technology), and PVC edge band.

  • Versal

    The classical forms, respectability, reliability and the warmth of the natural wood are the main features of the hotel furniture ‘VERSAL’ and ‘VERSAL LUX’. These collections are designed for Lux-class rooms, and their aim is to create home-like cosy atmosphere and comfort in the rooms of any size. The distinctive feature of these collections is a use of the items, made of rare solid wood, i.e. beech. The elements of the ‘VERSAL LUX’ collection are decorated with incrustation which gives the furniture a look of special charm and refinement. Cupboards in the ‘Versal’ and ‘Versal Lux’ collections are made of chipboard, 18 mm thick, basements, frontages and curtain rods. A dressing table is made on four elegant legs of solid wood, which are supplied with protective felt pads to prevent damage to the floor surface. The table top is made as a frame of solid beech with internal filling faced with rare wood veneer and has a high quality coating with modern paintwork materials.

  • Victoria

    A wide model range of the ‘Victoria’ furniture gives a freedom to a designer in creating original and comfortable hotel interiors. The use of high quality materials and warm shades of wood colours within the colour scheme of the collection will make it possible to create a cosy and coherent arrangement in a room of any layout. The furniture is made of high quality chipboard, 18 and 25 mm thick, with the high quality laminated surface, which is resilient to mechanical, heating and chemical damage. The surface is embossed with the ‘pebble leather’ pattern. The chipboard ends are faced with the shock-proof PVC edge band, 2 mm thick. Some elements are made with the application of the ‘softforming’ technology. The cupboards in this collection are of the same size with various types of doors: regular swing doors, ‘bi-fold’ (‘book’-type) and sliding doors. The height of supports of the cupboards and tables can be adjusted if the furniture has to be installed on uneven floors.

  • Marisa

    MARISA furniture collection is simple stylish furniture that provides all neccessary elements for a cozy interior in a hotel room. Minimalism and grace are the main features of the collection. The MARISA furniture collection is easy in use and assembly. This contract furniture was designed specially for a big hotel complex.

  • Valery

    VALERY furniture collections combines noble appearance and easy maintenance. Wide flat panels, on which the majority of elements are based, draw your attention to the high class interior. In-built construction lends durability and resistance to damage even in everyday use what is especially important for hotels. The universality of the design is easily combined with the most corporate styles and fits rooms in minimalism and modern styles.

    This contract furniture was designed specially for a big hotel complex.

Home Furniture