The «Versal» meeting room is designed for those who truly appreciate comfort and who care about their public image. The exquisite forms of the furniture create an image which is not prone to changeable fashion trends and is always highly valued. Furniture easily fits into any interior and gives the room an elegant and respectable look. The main elements of this collection are made of solid beech and decorated with veneer and leather. The metal bronze fittings give the “Versal” collection special expressiveness.

Available colors: Orvieto walnut, Orvieto walnut lux + green lux, dark walnut + black, dark walnut.

The main colors of the collection
Orvieto walnut

Product range of collection « Versal»
Cabinet with two niches and two drawers
SKU: VR0445-3/2/198
Dimensions (cm): 90.2x54.2x229.1
Color: Orvieto walnut
Cabinet with an upper niche
SKU: VR0467-2/2/198
Dimensions (cm): 90.2x54.2x229.1
Color: Orvieto walnut


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